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  • Deborah posted an update in the group Group logo of New Member IntroductionsNew Member Introductions 5 days, 13 hours ago

    Hello My name is Deborah my son was sentenced to 25 yrs. He is currently in Garza East. Its his first time in prison and my first time going through this nightmare. I haven’t heard from him since he got transferred to Garza East in January. Does anyone know about this prison. I’m so scared for him. I feel like I’m in prison with him ( mentally.…[Read more]

    • Welcome Deborah to MWSIP,
      We are happy to have you join us. We do understand your pain, fear, and agony. It is one of the most hardest things to experience for a mother in her lifetime.
      It is so unfortunate that your son has gotten caught up in this crazy and unfair system.
      You cannot and will not go through this alone. We are here for you. You…[Read more]

  • Belinda posted an update in the group Group logo of New Member IntroductionsNew Member Introductions 1 month ago

    Hello everyone. My son was sentenced to 27 years in prison. There doesn’t seem to be any appropriate groups to go to in person where I live. I am reaching out to you all for support…

    • Belinda, I know how difficult this journey is as I begin round two but I know that God’s grace and mercy are sufficient. My prayers are with you.

  • Hello. I just found out my son is going away for another 5 years. I don’t know what to feel.

    • Hi Denise,
      Give it a few days and you’ll be able to catch up with yourself. It takes time to gather yourself. So take your time until you’re able to wrap your mind around whats going on.
      when you’re able to do that,then you’ll know how to feel. You are in shock mode right now but its ok. After a while,all kinds of emotions will set in.Deal with…[Read more]

  • Heather posted an update in the group Group logo of New Member IntroductionsNew Member Introductions 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hello, I am so glad to find this site. My son got into trouble in Dec. 2016. We got him bonded out but in May 2017 he went back in because they revoked the bond. He just went to trial right before Christmas of 2017. We expected probation but the judge ended up giving him 4 years. The whole thing has been just devastationg. I have my good…[Read more]

    • Hi Heather,
      Thank you so much for contacting MWSIP,we are happy you have joined us.
      To start, everything that is going on with your husband is a natural reaction. He’s obviously having a very hard time coming to grips with whats going on with your son. Yes your son made a mistake and each day he’s incarcerated he is reminded of that, but does not…[Read more]

      • Thank you so much for your welcome. I certainly will be checking in .. It is so very lonely sometimes. No one knows the heartache this brings you. I do have great friends.. but none of them can really relate. Every time before we get off the phone I tell him.. “we are going to make it through this.” Now that I have all of you. I do firmly…[Read more]

        • Hi Heather,
          I apologize for such a late response. there are so many mothers that come to our Facebook page,I’m trying to keep up with them. You are always welcome to join us there. Please keep in touch with us.
          God bless You
          Lynn Hmailton

  • hi. when I found this site I was so happy . My son is in prison and he has about a year to go…at first it felt like a death in the family and not being able to ger ahold of him was worrying me and of course I have the tendacy to awfulize every thing…I fell so guilty I am certainly not a model mom. I was using and being in my addiction I just…[Read more]

    • Lora, Welcome to MWSIP,we are happy you have joined us.
      We here at MWSIP do understand every feeling and emotion that you have concerning your son being in prison. Every emotion you described are the same emotions that we all experience with a son in jail/prison. However,what you don’t want to do is give up on your son.
      Please continue to visit…[Read more]

  • dedri posted an update in the group Group logo of New Member IntroductionsNew Member Introductions 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Its beyond hard for me, to have such a huge part of me gone, the heartache alone is one thing,but the absolute hopelessness, complete helplessness, and utter horror of what my son,my heart,my life, is going through is to much, and the anger at a system that is so corrupt, jesus, and top it off, which just makes everything above TEN times harder…[Read more]

    • My dear sweet mother, your survival and strength all comes from God. He is the one who carries you through this.
      Your fear is normal for a mother with a son in such a unfamiliar world.What mother would not have that fear for her son. The weight of this whole thing that brings you to your knees is the burden of carrying it all. On those days that…[Read more]

  • Hello, my name is Deborah I l8be in Mintebello,’S. My son was sentienced to 43 yrs. He’s in Kerrville, TX jail waiting to be transported to a prison. I’m scared to death for him. .

    • Deborah,Welcome to MWSIP, we are happy you have joined us. We are committed to walk with you through this episode of your life for as long as you will let us.43 years is a stretch but you can and you will make it through this. We stand by you and we are here 24/7 available to you.
      The fear that you are experiencing unfortunately is normal.Please…[Read more]

  • dedri posted an update in the group Group logo of New Member IntroductionsNew Member Introductions 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Does anyone have a son in snakeriver?

  • Aloha,
    I am Jessica and I desperately need some support, I have a son who is 24 years old he had been in jail twice ones for 18 months and came out to get in deeper trouble and when back to jail for another 6 months. My son suffer from some mental illness and has addiction problems fail to appear for his court day because his probation was going…[Read more]

    • Jess,Welcome to MWSIP, we are happy that you have joined us.Unfortunately we had to meet under these circumstances but this is what we are here for. We are hear to support you through this ordeal with your son.
      At this time,my advice to you is before you can do anything for him, you would have to wait until he gets settled somewhere. You can be…[Read more]

  • Hi. My name is Tara. My son is 23 and is in the process of classification for prison placement. He was sentenced in March of 2016 to 12 years. All of his time until a couple of weeks ago had been served at our local county jail. We live in a very small town. I know many of the people that work at our local jail. Him being there gave me some…[Read more]

    • Hi Tara,
      Welcome to MWSIP, we are happy you have joined us.
      There are times when we fear the worst when the worst is not what we imagine that it is.Before you draw any conclusion, wait on your son to tell you if medium is a blessing or not.We fear at times when we don’t have to.So quiet yourself down until he contacts you.

      Love and Peace
      Lynn…[Read more]

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