Your Membership

How to Join

Step 1 – on the right hand side of the page, is an orange banner with the words “Member Log in.” If you are a member, enter your username and password. It you are NOT a member, click the small “register” button next to the “Log in” button.

Step 2 – complete the member registration form “create an account”. Please feel free to add a photo of yourself, or your son. Write down your password, or make it something that you will remember.

Step 3 – You do not need to check your email to activate your account. Your membership will be activated automatically by the MWSIP admin. We no longer allow people to activate their own membership via email, due to membership applications from hackers in Russia, the Philippines and other locations.  Membership activation is done on a daily basis.

How to use your Membership

Step 1 – Use the same “member log in” box on the right hand column. This time, you will enter your username and your password. Click on the “remember me” button, and you’ll never have to enter this information again as long as you are using the same computer. Click the “log in” button right below the username and password.

Step 2 – Go to the Group Forums orange banner on the right side of the page. There are three forums and they all work the same way. Just click on the name of the Forum.  The choices are:

  • Good News – a place to share your joys
  • Share Your Story – a place to share your concerns
  • New Member Introductions – a place to share something about yourself

Step 3 – You’ll see a box below your user name. Just start typing!  When you click on “post update” your comment is posted for others to see.



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