The basic idea of rehabilitation through imprisonment is that a person who has been incarcerated will never want to be sent back to prison after they have been set free.
Not always the case:
Prison is also designed to leave such a lasting impression that a former prisoner will do whatever it takes to avoid a 2nd term.
Unfortunately,research has consistently shown that time spent in prison does not successfully rehabilitate most inmates,and the majority of criminals return to a life of crime almost immediately.
Most prisoners will actually learn a new and better way to commit crimes while they are locked up. They also make connections and become more deeply involved int the criminal world.
Rehabilitation of prisoners is an extremely difficult process.
Inmates are segregated from the general pubic and forced to live in a society with people for whom crime is a way of life.
for some prisoners time spent behind bars will push them farther into a life of crime,but for others,the barrors of prison life and the lessons they learn there are enough to deter them from committing crimes again in the near future.
It’s said that 2/3 of prisoners reoffend within 3 years of leaving prison.


  1. Jesslyn says:

    This is not always the case Rhablitatation does not work for all people who has been incarcerated because some people are insittionlized so they don’t know how to live when there free . I’m living proof of that my 3 sons been in and out 2 are still in for long time all because they didn’t know how to function in society

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