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pay to stay in jail or prison part 2

pay to stay in jail or prison part 2

They say their goal is to reduce recidivism. In Michigan, Macomb county have sued inmates,garnish wages, bank accounts, and tax refunds. Credit is also affected.
They have taken vehicles,boats,and mobile homes. Its said they only pursue cases where the inmates has found employment after release.

Nearly every state lets prisons and jails charge inmates for their own incarceration, room and board,clothing and doctors visits.

Prisons that have closed due to decrease inmate population:
1.Muskegon, Michigan The state prison population has dropped below 40,000.0 for the first time in more than 20 years,after peaking out about 51,500.0 thousand in 2007. the closure will save the department about 10 million dollars. The recidivism rate is near historic lows at 29.8%
since 2005,the department has closed and consolidated 26 facilities and camps which resulted in nearly 4400 million in budget reduction.

2.New York State closes 14 prisons.
3.The Netherlands keeps having to close its prisons due to lack of prisoners. Crime rate has declined about 0.9% on am average every year.
4.Texas population declined from 156,00 in 2011 to 146,00 now. Just to name a few,Pennsylvania,Sweden.

Private Prisons:
The department of Justice wants to end the federal governments reliance on private prisons. Private companies now run 14 federal prisons across the country that hold about 22,000 federal inmates.The DOJ plans to stop renewing some of those contracts.
Did you know that privately held prisons hold inmates longer by giving infractions?

Atleast 2 states let prisons charge the families of dead ex-prisoners for their food and healthcare.

Florida and Wisconsin are not making as much money off Stay To Pay as much as it cost to run.

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