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pay to stay in jail or prison part 1

Paying for your time in jail or prison

How jails and prison make money off of inmates.
Inmates pay a daily rate to the jail to stay there,for example,the state of Michigan charges $12.00 per day.20% of all money sent to the inmates is taken by the county jail.20% of 420.00-the inmate receives $16.00.
You can accumulate a debt regardless to whether you have money or not. Its a daily rate.
If you do not have the money to Pay To stay when your are released,you must pay it back to the jail or they will garnish your wages.
It’s part of the court cost and fee’s- Restitution.
there are only two states in the United States that do not have Pay To Stay- Washington DC and Hawaii.
Pay To Stay charges are not regulated-they can raise as much as $50,00.0.

This is just an example of attempting to make money off poor people caught in the criminal system. Inmates have a hard enough time finding and securing jobs,how can they pay restitution?
Dale Osborne, the Ohio jail administration at the multi county correctional facility says “It offsets the expenses that taxpayers are required to have,he also says “The more revenue I can generate within a facility,the less the taxpayers have to pay”.But he admits that while the program bills for about $2M a year,they only collect about $60,00.0-$70,00.0. Thats about 3% collection rate. The sum that is able to be collected doesn’t go straight into the county coffers either. The jail contracts with a company called Intellitech Corporation which acts as a collection agency sending letters and making phone calls to former inmates. The inmate sends a check to Intellitech or arranges a payment plan with them. 30% of the money goes to the county and 70% goes to Intellitech.

A county in Minnesto claims they specically puts all its Pay To Stay revenue into programs to assist with reentry.

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