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Since developing a Mothers With Sons In Prison Team, we have been broadening our presence on the Internet and have been developing face-to- face Mothers’ Meeting forums. We are also developing merchandise for your purchasing convenience.

Our Mission is to embrace all mothers of different races, colors, creed and nationalities world wide with unconditional love, by bridging the gap that separates her from her incarcerated son.
Here is what we are doing to spread awareness of Mothers With Sons In Prison:

Ms. Lynn Hamilton, President and Founder of Mothers With Sons In Prison, is proud to announce that we have created a Mothers’ Welcome Assembly

When a new mother registers with Mothers With Sons In Prison, she will be greeted by an Ambassador, whose primary purpose is to welcome her into our circle of understanding women who provide empathy, knowledge and spiritual support. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact us.
Swapping links with resources for mothers with sons in prison:

Current Events

Direct contact with MWSIP Core Team staff@motherswithsonsinprison.com
Over 9,000 guests to the website in December 2011
Within the Soul of a Mother booklet for sale on this website
Donations accepted on this website
Mothers Meeting continue in Campbell River, BC, CANADA
Mothers Meeting starting in Atlanta Georgia, USA
Welcome Mother Assembly Ambassadors:
– VickyZ
– Reen517
– Corys Mom
Facebook pages launched: search for MothersWith Mwsip
Welcome to our over 420 registered MWSIP Forum members
21st day of each month is Mothers With Sons In Prison Prayer Day
Mothers With Sons In Prison recognized in the British Isles http://www.prisonadvice.org.uk/?q=orgfamilies
MWSIP seeking to fill Volunteer Fundraiser Position
Tampa Florida Reporter asks for MWSIP interview
MWSIP creates Fathers With Sons In Prison initiative starting in February 2012
Lynn Hamilton initiates Respect Yourself program for youth

17 thoughts on “Update

  1. Arlene says:

    My name is Arlene Stone my son is a inmate at john h lily correctional facility in boley ok, he has been in now for 2 years, he got 15 yrs with 3 out on probation, my son was involved in a car wreck that caused 1 fatalities and we feel deeply for the family’s, harley took a blind plea agreeing to the accident but didn’t realize it was also 1 degree manslaughter, violent offense, harley had never been in trouble and is a good Christian young man, he is working hard to strive to try and keep his mind off of being locked up and pass his time, I have looked here for a support group but don’t seem to find one, I live in broken arrow ok, any help or guidance you may have would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you
    Arlene Stone

    1. Carla Davis says:

      Hi Arlene..my name is carla .so sorry to hear about your son.he & you are in my prayers.our sons are not the only ones doing time we their mothers are too..i know its hard & so heart breaking.we have to keep praying for them.i pray they all find God in prison..my son is doing federal time.my heart breaks for him..i dont want to wake up in the mornings..my husband &i have custody of our grandson( his son) hes the only reason i make it day to day…im here for you.we all have to help each other get through this…my prayers & thoughts are with you…carla

    2. Hi Arlene,
      I apologize for such a late response. This site is new and I’m trying to navigate my way around it. I am so sorry you are experiencing this with your son. It is very hard to fathom.As far as a support group in your area is concerned,you can visit our Facebook page and ask if anyone knows of a support group in your area. If not, I would love to counsel you through Skype.You do not have to go through this alone. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.Be at peace!

      Lynn Hmailton

  2. audrey says:

    I will pray for you and your son,as I know how you feel ,,I also know that God almighty knows how you feel,it hearts and God can heal that hart.my son is serving 15 years he to is a Christian,my heart calls to God to keep his mind on him,and to use this to do the work of God. God bless you

  3. Alice Via says:

    My son is in prison in Arkansas and he got 40 years for beating up a 65 year old woman and being a habithior offender.I will pray for your family and your son God bless you

    1. Connie says:

      My prayers are with your family and your son. How are you dealing with your son going to prison with so many years? The reason why I ask cause my son is facing many years also I am having a meltdown already and he has not had a court yet, but the crime carry a lot of time. Any help you can give will be important for myself. God Bless You.

  4. Carla Davis says:

    My name is carla davis my son is going to a federal prison for a few years im so heartbroken!!! I fear for him..im so lost.. My husband & i are raising our 2yr old grandson ( my sons son) i know i wouldnt be able to get through without my grandson he keeps me going! I thank God for him…could you pls pray for my son & us?? I could use some friends right now..thanks & God bless

  5. Carla Davis says:

    I seen my son today..how i miss him so much!! I see him every wed & sun.only allowed to see him on those days..hes waiting to be move to a prison..he seems ready to go.iam not!..pls keep him in your prayers..God bless you all…

  6. Carla Davis says:

    Could someone pls pray for my son.hes still waiting to be moved to the federal prison.not sure where that will be.pls pray its close to me.i have to be able to see my son.thanks& God bless…carla

    1. Hi Carla,
      I apologize for such a late response. I am still trying to navigate my way around this new website. However, I am here for you during your journey as we call it.Did your son make it to federal prison?How is he doing? I’ve learned that sometimes we worry when we don’t have to. Please let me know how things are going for you as well as your son. Be at peace!
      Lynn Hamilton

  7. Difficult day and night up at 3 in the morning and here I am back at MWSIP even though I thought we put this behind us. My son has been out for 14 months. Relapsed on drugs at 5 months and went “half way” back into a program and here we are today with more dirty drug screens and a violation of parole. He is back in central intake awaiting a hearing with the parole board. My heart is heavy and frightened and I am tired and not up to this journey again.

    1. Hi Marian,
      My apologies for such a late response. I have been having a challenge navigating my way around this new website. I feel so bad that you have to go through the journey again,however,we here at MWSIP is always here for you. Let me know whats going on at the present time. In the meantime,take one day at a time.
      Lynn Hamilton

  8. Carla Davis says:

    Hi.i want to give an update on my son.hes @ Greenville federal prison in Illinois.he seems to be doing good.he looks better.he finally gets to go outside.he said he saw a bird for the 1st time in 17months.it broke my heart..i miss him so much.he gets to hold his son.hasnt since his son was 5months old hes almost 3 now.i pray he continues to do good there & is safe..God protect him! Anyway just wanted to post all this..God bless you all & your sons..carla

  9. Hi my name is Libby, My son has been in the county jail for almost a year awaiting trial. My son turned 18 yrs old a year ago on 9/1 & a month later he was facing a capital murder charge. They have ruled out the death penalty, but the prosecutor is seeking life without parole. My son was on drugs, he is normally a good hearted kid who had a job & recently acquired his certification in welding. Our hearts our shattered, I’ve been having anxiety attacks, especially in court & in the visits. I would like to find a group meeting to attend.

    1. Hi Libby,
      What state are you in? We have a support group online to help you a great deal. Go to Mothers With SIP and request membership. I will approve you. Post and tell your story and watch all of the support you will get from mothers across the U.S. Please come join us, you will not regret it.

      1. Diane Vehorn says:

        Would you please do that for me too Lynn? My son is mentally ill (in treatment since age 11), and has been charged with armed robbery with a knife and the robbery part came when he left with the phone.

        1. Hey Diane,
          What is it that you’re asking me to do?

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