Mothers with Sons in Prison

…is a newly founded organization that was birthed out of my personal experience while enduring my son’s 8.5 year incarceration and reaches out to mothers around the world.

Our goal is to reach out and extend emotional encouragement as well as spiritual support to hurting, brokenhearted mothers through various means of communication and upcoming support groups. MWSIP’s desire is to raise global awareness of the silent cries and deep emotional trauma experienced by these mothers upon losing their sons to the system. The emotional aftermath is often overlooked by the judicial system and the public alike.

Our Group Forums are places where mothers with sons in prison who are members, can share with others, and find support. Membership is free.

While we lovingly embrace this seemingly forgotten community of mothers, we also seek to equip them by providing education on the judicial, penal, and probation systems.

Donate to Mothers With Sons in Prison

This helps  us with our website costs, postal costs and to do what we can to help Mothers with Sons in Prison.

Within the Soul of a Mother: Personal Reflections


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